Price: $1,650

State: Arizona
City: Mesa
Zip code: 85210
Type: Animals

I have an Absolutely Beautiful, large, mature, Harlequin Macaw with very vibrant colors and his name is Tiki (Tequila Sunrise).
He talks and has a great vocabulary and loves to laugh out loud and join in on conversations when people are talking around him.
I am selling:
1. Harlequin Macaw
2. Bird Cage & a full top playpen
3. Large Tree Stand (grapevine & cedar)- he loves to be outside
5. Tiki's large Traveling cage - he travels wonderfully
I am selling Tiki with ALL his belonging and the items listed above for $1,650. or Tiki only for $1,300.
If you have any questions regarding Tiki or the items being offered, please don't hesitate to Call me, Text me, Email me.