Price: $20

State: Arizona
City: Mesa
Zip code: 85208
Type: Animals

We have Baby Parakeets! Various colors and ages, but all the beautiful and energetic budgies are leg banded, hand fed, and weaned to fruits and vegetables. This parakeet is up for adoption and ready to make a great family pets!
Quote from people who loved our birds!
"I have never known a parakeet who loved to snuggle, cuddle, and be scratched like this one, but he does. I cannot tell you how happy we are with little Toasty. He loves to be with us, is so curious and playful, and so very gentle and affectionate. "
"He is already so very amazing! From the moment I got him home he was letting me pet him and wow he loves being talked to! Within the first 15 minutes he was sitting on my finger and sitting on my shoulder listening to soft music with me. He likes to mimic when I say yes and nod my head its the cutest thing ever! I've never seen a bird this tame and mellow! He's just a joy to be around and I wanted to thank you both so much! "
This beautiful yellow graywing bird is one of a kind. Come see him and all his budgie buddies!